What You Get | Intros, Vlog, Coffee Invites, 7 Days Free

What You Get

 Once you've joined as a Friend you'll get Seven Days Free including access to all functions below. Don't forget you can autorenew ON/OFF, Deactivate or Cancel at any time.



Profile photo + 3 others 


Say, 'Hi'

Find Friends from your area or who share your interests; Say: 'Hi,' Favourite them, then send a Group invite.  


Send Intros (Introduce Yourself)

When you find a friend from your area or who shares your interests you can send them an Intro and welcome them!  In the real world (as opposed to the online world) the best way to meet someone is by being introduced by a friend or third party. As this is not possible here online, we believe that introducing yourself using the Intro form is the next best option. By introducing yourself you are breaking the ice with a potential Friend in a socially acceptable manner. 


Send and Receive Messages + Chat

Message your Friends to chat about what you have in common or where you might like to meet up! 


Send 5050 Coffee invites (invite someone for coffee to your local cafe)

You can send a 5050 Coffee invite to anyone in any cafe in 5 different countries. Simply select the cafe you'd like to meet at on the map. 

Don't forget, you can now send a multi-invite also which allows you to send an invite to more than one person from your Favourites.


Upload a Vlog and view Vlogs

A vlog allows you to see what someone is like. The concept behind vlog is not only to do with safety (a vlog can go a long way to verifying someone's identity) but also it can help you to decide whether you'd actually like to meet the person in question. 


5050 Verification (Become 5050 Verified when you upload a vlog)

The 5050 Verified Badge displayed on your profile photo lets others know that you acknowledge 5050's safety guidelines and that your identity is 'Verified' by the presence of your vlog.

* Your 5050 V badge will appear on your profile photo only when you have a vlog present.


Add Favourites

When you Favourite someone, you can also highlight their profile to form part of a group to send a multi-invite out to. Meeting up as a group after selecting a cafe, is much less stressful than meeting up in a one-on-one. 


Pause  (Give Pause to unwanted attention)   

Sometimes you may not be interested in further communications with someone, so you can hit Pause.  The Pause icon is located on every profile and simply sends a message to the recipient that you'd like some space or a rest from their communications for a while.