5050cafefriends : How It Works

How It Works

Turn Friends Into Customers And Revenue For Your Business Or Organisation!

Remember back in the day there were Tuppperware Parties? A host (usually female) would buy merchandise then hold a 'Tupperware Party' at her home to sell to her associates (friends and family). Well we don't do plastic much anymore, and we don't invite strangers to our home or expect people to buy merchandise, and Tupperware is no longer a thing, but in principle - the concept is similar (but not the same) as to how you can get your business or organisation going at 5050 and you don't have to be good at selling, you can just be, well, YOU! And network, network, network to grow, grow, grow!

Getting Started

If you are a small business, or a micro-business you can start by sending an email to your loyal faithfuls (friends and family) to get things going, start by sending out an email that says something like:

'If you'd like to be considered for receiving invites to promotions and giveaways in your suburb/area at our premesis, then you may like to come to our very first giveaway [describe your giveaway] We'd love for you to come and enjoy what we have on offer and meet interested others at our place of business. At: [time, day and date and address]. See you there!'

When people arrive introduce yourself and introduce them to others, tell them about your biz or org., and offer them coffee, tea or water. Then give them your giveaway and show them how they can support your business by scanning the Bestie Support qr (which you will have printed out when you listed your Biz or Org.) or Joining as a Friend (free) and upgrading to Bestie Support, this way they will be able to be invited to future promotions and giveaways in your suburb/area.

How To Join As A Friend/Customer (free, 5 mins)

Register here by Joining as a Friend (free)  https://5050cafefriends.com/join-as-a-cafe-friend#/ 

At Step 1: Pay careful attention to the field suburb.  It's better to enter a suburb than a general area. The more you can refine your Search criterion here, the more likely it is that you will make a friend and the more likely it is that a business or organisation will gain a repeat customer. You can enter where you work, currently live or where the organisation that you support resides. Eg, if you live in a city like Auckland, you can enter the suburb you reside in eg. Mt Roskill.

At Step 2: We ask you to upload a photo (for approval) so that you can be recognised by other people from your suburb/area. This is important as we believe that anonymity breeds mistrust, and so we urge you to upload a clear and recent photo of yourself. This is also what the Contact person for an organisation in your suburb/area will be viewing in order to invite you to events.

When you have successfully registered, (your customers / people from your area) will amass on a webpage which will allow organisations, cafes, clubs or businesses to view and select the people they'd like to invite from your area to attend a promotion or giveaway at their premesis.

How To Be The Contact (for your organisation)

The Contact is the most responsible person in your organisation. Who you nominate as the Contact will be able to send out limitless group invitations to people who have registered as Friends to attend giveaways/promotions in your suburb/area.

The Contact you nominate at your organisation, should also be the person who will host the promotions or giveaways at your premesis.

           Start by listing your organisation (free):5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/

           Enter the correct details for: Name, address, and upload a business or organisation photo for your listing and wait for photo approval. 

Once your photo is approved:

  1. Stripe: Login and enter the business or organisation details for your Stripe account: This is the account that you will receive funds into. Find it under the gear icon, top right. (5 mins)
  2. Download your Bestie Support qr: This qr is a little different from your business or organisation's qr, as it contains a unique identifier within our system. It's also what you will need your customers, employees and people who join as Friends (free), Besties or Bestie Supporters from your area to scan, in order to support your business or organisation.

People will upgrade from Friend to Bestie Support, when they have sent out a maximum of two group invites to people in their area and wish to send out more.

When they attend the social event for your organisation (and have upgraded to Bestie Support) they'll be able to:

a/ Redeem half the value of their subscription at your organisation by putting it towards a purchase or,

b/ 'Do nothing' which means: donate the value of half of their subscription to your organisation. Your organisation can also receive month on month rewards for the duration of a users subscription. Find out more about Bestie Support here: https://5050cafefriends.com/page/bestie-support#/

Then, complete your listing details by logging in to; Join as a Cafe, Club, Org., Business eg. Description and Deal of the Day (This is what Friends, Besties and Bestie Support will see on the invite that you send out).

* Ensure that your organisation has an area for socialising. This does not have to be at all flash. Offering people water, tea or coffee and a biscuit, is a great way of making people feel welcome when they arrive! Remember that people are coming for your promotion or giveaway and that everyone invited from your area is a potential customer or Bestie Supporter of your organisation.

How To Send A Group Invite Out To People In Your Area

The Contact person at your organisation will be able to send out limitless group invitations but needs to list your organisation - Join as a Cafe, Club, Business or Org: (free) https://5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/ (5 mins) and Join as a Friend (free): https://5050cafefriends.com/join-as-a-cafe-friend#/ (5 mins).

Anyone who has Joined as a Friend can send out a group invitation and meet up with anyone at any cafe listed on 5050 or selected on the Google map. But if you are an organisation or business that does not have an appropriate social area at your permesis, then we suggest that you also select a cafe from the Google map to meet up Friends and potential customers.

If you'd like to know how to Join as a Friend with a view to sending a group invite. Then you can complete your details and upload a photo (this is how people will recognise you). Again, wait for photo approval.

1/  Login as a friend and ensure that 'Set & Forget' is turned to the ON position in Settings.
2/  Find the group invite icon, (grey 'n white icons) North (at the top of your screen) on your device.
3/  Follow the simple steps.

* When you're the contact person at your business or organisation, you'll be able to send unlimited group invites

How To Receive Extra Revenue For Your Business or Organisation

Your establishment receives extra revenue when your customer/clients who have joined as Friends decide that they would like to support your organisation by upgrading their subscription to Bestie Support. They can then either redeem nearly half the value of a subscription by showing your staff the 'Thank you for joining 5050' email and spending this amount at your organisation (or putting it toward a larger purchase), or simply by 'doing nothing' and an organisation or business will receive this amount anyway.

Your organisation will also receive month on month rewards for the duration of a users subscription. So what must a user do to support your organisation?

They must simply upgrade their subscription from Friend to Bestie Support, this way nearly half the value of a subscription will go towards your organisation - no matter if they redeem it or not. 

When To Bestie Support

When people turn up to your social event, they are 'in the moment'. They have already Joined as Friends so all they need do is upgrade to Bestie Support by scanning the Bestie Support qr poster (available when you list your establishment).

For Businesses and Organisations

a/ Start your (free) listing. Enter your details for Stripe.

b/ Print out your Bestie Support qr to give to customers/clients.

Eg. The Contact for your business or organisation, has sent out a group invite to 10 people who live locally and are close to your cafe to sample your giveaway (a new flavour of gelato) and 6 show up. You assign each person with a name tag with their favourite sport or movie written beneath their first name, and take them to meet the other people in the group.

You can give Friends/Customers the gelato sample and ask what they think of it and also mention that they can support your cafe by scanning the qr code and upgrading to Bestie Support where they can they become 5050 Verified, view vlogs and redeem near half the value of a subscription at your cafe, or 'do nothing' and donate it to your organisation.

Most importantly, they will be able to send out unlimited group invites themselves to meet up with other locals at your cafe. Attending promotions and giveaways as well as meeting others from their area is an excellent way of gaining repeat customers as well as receiving extra revenue, which could be used as 'tips' for any wait staff or perhaps a Barista.

How We Find Friends/Customers For Your Business or Organisation

We've reversed the psychology with regard to how friendship. Traditionally, to make a friend has been quite difficult - especially if you work on your own or have stopped working and family and friends are no longer in contact.

Or if you're young. Yes, if you're in the 18 - 24 age group, you're bound to feel isolated! What we recognise is that your friendship is important and there is a way that we can help!

Instead of having to leave your suburb/area or travel to find a friend or spend money to find a place that may harbour a potential friendship, we've invented a system whereby friends in your area/suburb come to you!  Yes, we now have a system in place whereby you can view, highlight and select the people from your area that you'd like to send an invitation out to meet up with.

In this way, we believe that what we offer friendship-wise is more convenient, and more economical. What we've found is that as soon as you meet other people from your suburb/area you will find it easy to strike up a rapport because you have the area you share in common!

Interests in Common

The question is often posed. 'But what do we have in common?' At 5050, we have an extensive list of interests that you can select from to form a shared interest with someone else. When someone shares the same interests as you - we notify you. If you are from the same suburb/area and also share the same interests, then you're off to a flying start!

For People Who'd Like To Receive An Invite

All Friends, Besties and Bestie Supporters are able to receive invites from businesses or organisations in their suburb or area. They can accept or decline any invite they are sent.

Local Social!

You don't have to be a business or organisation to meet other people from your area, but if you are - then that's great! Any person who has joined as a Friend, Bestie or as Bestie Support can send out a group invite by going North on their device, to the top of the screen (to the grey 'n white icons), view and select people from that area or people they have Favourited, select a cafe to meet up at, compose a Welcome message, then send out an invite!