5050cafefriends : How It Works

How It Works

Decide What You Would Like To Do

Whether you would like to grow your biz/org and send out invites to grow customers/clients/friends or whether you would like to be the customer/client or friend who receives an invite, or both!

(The 5050 web-platform contains two platforms that are completely separate but interact as one)

You can also decide whether you'd like to Do A Little or Do A Lot.

Do A Little (free)

To do as little as possible to grow your biz/org has a lot of appeal. Work harder? No thanks. Here's how:

1. a/  Join as a Business, Club, Cafe or Organisation by listing here: https://5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/ (Free - 5 mins)
    b/ Choose the most responsible person in your biz/org to list your biz/org.  This person will be the Admin/Contact. They will be the person who is also able to send out unlimited group invites, (once they have also Joined as a Friend), to the social event (promo/giveaway) to your in-house space to the people they select in your community. But for now, all the Admin/Contact has to do is complete the listing.
    c/ Ensure that your biz/orgs bank account details for Stripe (so you can receive funds) top-right are entered correctly.
    d/ Print out your Bestie Support (B.S) qr as many as you like. It will appear when you add a photo, your exact address, and the name of your biz/org. Find it by scrolling down a small way.
You can print and display as many B.S.qrs as you like, give them away, or upload them to anywhere. Your B.S.qr contains a qr that is unique to your biz/org that is added to the registration form (Join as a Friend/Bestie/Bestie Support) when someone scans-in and joins.
    e/ Complete all the other details on the listing form such as:

  •     A description of your biz/org  
  •     Your biz/org’s Deal of the Day (if you have don’t have one, think of one)
  •     WOO (What’s On Offer icons)
  •     The URL for your biz/org

2.    Pin your B.S. qr to your door or display it in a prominent place.
3.    Tell everyone you know friends, family, colleagues, to Join as a Friend (free). When they have used their 2 free group invites, they will have to upgrade to B.S. When they do, the place where they scanned in will immediately receive a portion of their B.S. sub. Or, they'll be able to redeem that amount as Spend and spend it at your establishment.
4.  Relax and wait for people to upgrade to B.S.

Do A Lot

When you do a lot for your biz/org, you are catching all those clients and customers who might slip through the cracks and you're being a good networker. Here's how to do that little bit more:

a/ Complete Do A Little 1-4 above.

b/ Host a social event (promo/giveaway) in your biz/org’s social space like your in-house cafe by your Admin/Contact sending out group invites. The group invite button is the Person + icon that can be found top-right.

* The Admin/Contact for your biz/org is able to send unlimited group invites.
c/ Network with locals at your event.
d/ Hand out your promo/giveaway, introduce people, giveaway your Bestie Support qrs to your supporters.
e/. Check the success of your event by logging in and checking how many Bestie Supporters/Redeemers support your biz/org by logging in, and finding Bestie Support in the menu-log.

For Both:

How To Grow Customers

Start by listing your biz/org by Joining as a Cafe, Club, Biz/Org here: https://5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/

  • Don't forget to print out the unique Bestie Support qr for your biz/org. You can give them away (as many as you like), display them on your door or in your window, or upload the B.S. qr to your facebook page. People can then scan-in and follow Steps 1-3 to join as Bestie Support to support your biz/org.

* Important: Don't forget to add your bank account details for Stripe (top-right), so you can receive funds into your account!

How To Send And Receive Invites

To send and receive invites Join as a Friend here: https://5050cafefriends.com/join-as-a-cafe-friend#/

To send an invite individually (free), tap the coffee cup icon located beneath every profile and follow the simple prompts.

To send a group invite (first 2 invites free), tap the person + icon located top right and follow the simple prompts.

How To Meet People (for free)
  •  You can meet people from your suburb/area or meet people who are from the facility you attend eg.Yoga at your local community centre or people who are in your residential care facility or learning institution:

a/ Ensure that the biz/org registered on the web platform has entered their name correctly eg. Name: Yoga/Community Centre and the exact address (street no. and name of street) eg. Suburb: 28 St Johns Rd, St Johns; so you can find them on the platform.

b/ Select correct biz/org from 5050 Listings the place a biz/org is registered as. For instance if you wanted to meet other people who attend your yoga class in St Johns, select: Yoga/Community Centre, St Johns.

c/ Send out your one-on-one invite (free forever)or group invite by following the simple steps when you tap the Person + icon (top-right). In the description field, add the place where you like to meet them, for instance: For a group invite you may like to say something like:

'We're holding a Yoga meeting at the cafe in the Community Centre, St Johns before yoga class and you're invited. We'll be discussing how to grow veges organically. If you would like some free seedlings turn up early!' Thanks, Chris.

How To Be Bestie Support

If you would like to support your local biz/org in NZ or Au (so they can receive funds or so you have a fund to Spend) you will need to Join as Bestie Support which means you will need to scan the unique Bestie Support qr available at the biz/org you choose to support. Then Join as a Friend, then choose Join as Bestie Support and follow Steps 1-3.

* Important

Early days for your biz/org? Not yet enough people from your suburb/area to choose to invite to the social event (promo or giveaway) at your premesis? Then request that everyone (including your clients and customers) join 5050 for free as a friend. There's nothing stopping this from happening as there is no financial barrier to join.

Next Level

Get to know people

a/ When people Join as a Friend (free), they autopopulate the webpage for their suburb/area. This may be a workplace space or a biz/org social space (in their suburb/area).

From here those people can be selected as part of a group (or individually) to attend the social event at a biz/org, a workplace, a residential care facility, a community centre or any social space at an establishment.  A social event (like a giveaway or promotion) is a good way to meet other people from the community.

Market your biz/org to the community

b/ You can market your biz/org by sending out an invite to the people in your community.  When they turn up to your promotion or giveaway, you can intro yourself and your biz/org, and tell them how they can futher support your biz/org when they upgrade to Bestie Support.

Fundraise for your biz/org

c/ Fundraise for your biz/org or support the local biz/org of your choosing when the people you invite from your community (to your promotion or giveaway), support your biz/org by upgrading to Bestie Support. Giveaway or display the Bestie Support qr for your biz/org. Nearly 50% of a B.S subscription returns to the biz/org you choose to support or you can use this amount as Spend at your/their facility.

Don't forget to list your biz/org first!

You can Join as a Friend, Join as a Biz/Org or Both!
(The Contact for your Biz or Org is able to send out limitless invitations when they Join as as a Friend + Join as a Biz or Org).

Start by Joining as a Friend to receive invites from Biz & Orgs and other people from your community.

1/ Join as a Friend (free - 5mins)
Meet people from your community.

Join as a Friend: https://5050cafefriends.com/join-as-a-cafe-friend#/
a/ At Step 1 of registration ensure you choose one option for suburb/area either:

  • Work-place or Residential-place - suburb/area

  • Biz or Org suburb/area + Name of Biz or Org

Eg. For the Kohi Tennis Club

Kohi (suburb/area) Kohi Tennis Club (Name of Biz or Org)

The suburb/area or suburb/area + Name of Biz or Org you enter will be where Friends are able to select you for the Group Invite.

Send A Group Invite

Go to the Person + icon (top-right) and follow the simple steps:

b/ Select the place you’d like to meet-up with Friends:
The space set aside for social events listed under 5050 Listings eg. St Heliers Bay + Grace Joel Retirement

c/ Select Friends
Choose either:
Favourites (highlighted red)
People from the suburb/area you selected at Step 1 (highlighted blue)

d/ Send Out Your Invites
Invites can be accepted or declined. All invites expire after 24 hrs.

e/ Meet-up with Friends!


2/ Join as a Biz or Org (free - 5 mins)
Invite people from your community to your biz or org’s social event.

List your Biz or Org: https://5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/

a/ Select the most suitable person at your biz or org to be the Contact.
    (The Contact is the person who is the admin for your listing and able to Join as a Friend to send out limitless invitations).

b/  Fill fields:

  •  Name of biz or org
  •  Address of biz or org
  •  Biz or Org photo

When the above are completed, the Bestie Support qr and Stripe details will appear.

c/ All countries NZ, Aust., Can., U.K., U.S., are able to send out invites to people in their area to meet up at a cafe of their choosing (individual invites are free forever or group invites - 2 free group invites, then Bestie Support upgrade request). The Contact for your biz or org is able to send limitless invites to attend social events to their in-house social place.

d/ The Contact for your Biz or Org, needs to also Join as a Friend. This is necessary in order to send out unlimited invitations.

d/ Print out Bestie Support qr to give away to Friends/Customers who show up to a social events who would like to support your biz or org with their B.S. subscription (only $12.99 NZD) or wish to redeem part (42%) of their first month’s Bestie Support subscription at your place by tapping the 'Redeem' button on your redeem me email (found when you upgrade to B.S.)

e/ Enter bank details for Stripe (NZ and Aust. only) to receive payouts when people become Bestie Supporters.

f/  Meet-up with Friends!

What Would You Like To Do?

Use 5050 for meeting people from your community

People need people. So whether your intention is to find out more about products or services by becoming a customer. Or whether you’d like to meet the people behind a biz or org. Or whether you’d just like to meet people from your community - you can do this by:

Joining as a Friend (one on one invites are free forever). Once you’ve joined as a friend you’ll start receiving invites from biz and orgs in your community.

After you’ve joined as a friend, you’ll be able to send out more group invites when you upgrade to Bestie or you can support a biz or org by upgrading to: Bestie Support - part (42%) of your $12.99 subscription goes towards the establishment you support or goes towards spend at that establishment.

You can Join as a Friend here: https://5050cafefriends.com/join-as-a-cafe-friend

Use 5050 for marketing your biz or org
(Au, NZ, U.S. U.K. Ca).

5050 can be used to market your org or biz for free. We believe that marketing begins with connecting with people from your community (in-person) at your premises.

Here’s how:
a/ Follow the steps above for DIY: Fundraising. We will be rolling out Bestie Support qr payouts in U.K, U.S & Ca., as soon as we are able. In the meantime, your Contact can log into your listing: https://5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/ and set the duration for your Deal of the Day. Everyone who has joined as a Friend is able to see this - your Contact can then add a Description and any applicable WOO icons.

When the Contact for your biz or org has both listed your establishment and joined as a friend, they’ll be able to send out unlimited invites to your social event.
Before you send out your invites, start thinking about the sort of event you may like to promote: Think of your Special Deal you wish to promote like a Giveaway. The idea is that people have to turn up to your event in order to receive the Giveaway. When they do - this is your opportunity to market your products or services.

If you’re a Service you may like to reduce the cost of a new customer service eg. A hair stylist may like to make a first appointment free.

Or, if you sell a Product you may like to give away a free sample.

Use 5050 for DIY: Fundraising (NZ & Aust. only)
a/ If you'd like to raise funds for your biz or org you can by being the Contact (representative). Follow 2/ Above.

b/ The Contact will also need to Join as a Friend to be able to send out unlimited invites:
Join 5050 as a Friend: https://5050cafefriends.com/join-as-a-cafe-friend#/

c/ Request that the donors or supporters of your Biz or Org join 5050 as a Friend (free).  

d/ Send out your invites. In the description part of the invite, mention the promotion or giveaway that you will be running at your event.

e/ When people show up at your event, introduce them to the other people at your event (everyone should wear a name tag), give them the promotion or give away and also the Bestie Support qr where they can scan-in and upgrade their subscription from Friend to Bestie Support.

When they do, they’ll either be able to redeem part of their first month’s subscription at your event, or ‘do nothing’ and that amount will automatically be donated to your biz or org.
* For the duration of a Bestie Support subscription a payout of $2 per month (comes out of your B.S. sub.) and goes to the biz or org you chose to support when you scanned-in and upgraded to B.S.

Scanning the qr of the biz or org and upgrading to Bestie Support allows all members to support that biz or org in their community.



When your customers, clients or friends upgrade to Bestie Support they have the choice of spending part of their B.S. sub. at your biz or org or 'doing nothing' and your biz or org will receive this amount anyway.

Spending part (42%) of a B.S. sub. is possible when the B.S. qr for the organisation you support is scanned and redeemed, by viewing the Redeem Me email and tapping the ‘Redeem’ button. If someone chooses not to utilise the Spend it will go towards the biz or org where they scanned the Bestie Support qr anyway.

5050 hopes to achieve an equal 50/50 division between all paid Bestie Support subscriptions and the Biz or Orgs they support.

Presently 42% of a B.S sub. goes towards a Biz or Org (in the first month) and $2 in subsequent months for the duration of a B.S. sub. When the total number of Bestie Supporters hits approx. 10,000 we (5050) will pay out 50% of a Bestie Support subscription to the biz or org you support.

 Currently the donated amount sits at 42% of a Bestie Support subscription valued at  $12.99 NZD.