5050cafefriends : Friends Benefits

Friends Benefits

There are many benefits of friendship. From increasing your sense of belonging to helping you cope with traumas, such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one. Friendship boosts happiness and reduces stress. 

* Where the word 'cafe' appears, it refers to any cafe, club or other organisation.

** Where the word 'coffee' appears, it refers to any coffee or non-alcoholic beverage. 

Reducing Loneliness & Isolation 

At 5050 we begin where the internet ends by giving you the ability to invite a Friend or a group of Friends to any cafe in 5 different countries or any listed club or organisation. This is where meeting lots of people at once from your area is a way in which we can help reduce isolation. 

When you Join as a Friend (free) and enter the area where you live or where you work (at Step 1) we find other Friends who have joined from your area or from where you work and let you know about them by autofilling your invite form, all you need to do is highlight who you'd like to meet and send out your group or individual invite to meet-up at any cafe of your choosing. 

  • Just ensure that 'Set & Forget' (in Settings) is switched to ON. 

You can also, say: 'Hi' by sending a wave. Introduce yourself (using the 5050 Intro form by tapping the blue handshake icon found under every profile photo). Intitiate some conversation by sending a message or upload a vlog (and become 5050 Verified).  

How To Send Your 5050 Coffee Invite

It's easy. Just hit the coffee cup icon beneath every profile photo or the Person + icon (top-right) to send an invite to a  group, send your group a message, select a cafe then send your invite. 

How To Find Friends From Your Area Or Who Share Your Interests

We will send you an email notification when friends from your area or who share your interests join. Or you can go to Step 1 and see who has joined from your area.  

How To Send A Group Invite 

We take the anxiety out of initiating meeting-up with new friends. All you need to do is tap the coffee cup icon found beneath every profile photo for a one-on-one meeting or tap the person + icon (top-right) to initiate a group meeting, select a cafe and SEND! Wait for your reply. Invites expire after 24 hrs. 

Join as a Friend (free forever)

It's easy to Join for Free. No credit card required. Cancel at any time. 

1/ Choose Join as a Friend - under the right hand top hamburger icon. 

2/ Complete Step 1 (basic info).

3/ Complete Step 2 (profile photo + interests)

Ensure that 'Set & Forget' is turned 'ON' so Friends from your area or workplace area can find you. 

For Friends Located In NZ

Friends in NZ can request that their local cafe display the Bestie Support QR in their cafe, so when customers scan-in and join 5050 they can:

Redeem a free coffee (or beverage up to $5.50 NZD on us, from your subscription). When they do, they'll be supporting their local cafe. Or they can opt to do nothing!  The $5.50 payment will still go to the place where they scanned The Bestie Support QR. Don't forget that that place will also receive ongoing monthly payments for the duration of your subscription. 

Friends are important and can increase your feeling of well-being!

The good news is, you no longer need to be single to mingle. At 5050 we think no matter what stage of life you're at or how many friends you have - we think more friends is...just...well...more!  One way of forming new friendships is by having things in common. So if you're from the same area or workplace area or share the same interests, then you're off to a good start!