5050cafefriends : Friends/Customer Benefits

Friends/Customer Benefits

There are many benefits of Friendship like increasing your sense of belonging to helping you cope with traumas such as divorce, serious illness, job loss or the death of a loved one. Friendship boosts happiness and reduces stress.

Friendship: Enriches your life and improves your health!

How to Join as a Friend

1. Register for free, there are only two steps.


  •          Remember to turn on 'Set & Forget' in Settings (so that you can see who has joined from your area).

  •          Wait for photo approval. (We believe that anonymity online breeds mistrust, so we ask that you upload a recent and clear pic of yourself) How will other people recognise you if they meet with you otherwise?

Local Social

How to support local business, cafes, clubs and organisations while increasing your own social activity is easy. 

a/  Join as a Friend (5mins free) so that you can be selected by businesses or organistions in your area to attend their social events (giveaways and promotions). Later on if you've turned from Friendd to customer/client, you can upgrade to Bestie Support on the 5050 platform or when you scan-in at their premesis.

b/  Scan the Bestie Support qr at the place you'd like to support. If the place you'd like to support isn't displaying their Bestie Support qr, then you can ask them to do so. Listing their place here:  https://5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/ is free. 

Find out more about Bestie Support: https://5050cafefriends.com/page/bestie-support#/

Area Friends

The closer you live to another person, the more likely you are to be friends with them despite the growing use and impact of social media. Yes, social media hasn't done us any favours, having 'online friends' is great, but these online friends can be a little unreliable and generally don't live in close proximity. Because of this, they're probably unlikely to feed your cat while you're away!

How We Make It Possible For Friends To Find You!

At 5050 we've reversed the psychology with regard to how friends are found. Traditionally, to make a friend has been quite difficult - especially if you work on your own or have stopped working and family and friends are no longer in contact.

Or if you're young. Yes, if you're in the 18 - 24 age group, you're bound to feel isolated. We know that making friends can be difficult and so we're trying to make this process a lot easier!

Instead of having to leave your suburb/area or travel to find a friend or spend money to find a place that may harbour a potential friendship, we've created a system whereby friends in your area/suburb come to you!  Yes, we now have a system in place whereby you can view, highlight and select the people from your area that you'd like to send an invitation out to meet up with.

In this way, we believe that we offer friendship-wise is more convenient, and more economical. What we've found is that as soon as you meet other people from your suburb/area you will find it easy to strike up a rapport because you have the area you share in common!

Interests in Common

The question is often posed. 'But what do we have in common?' At 5050, we have an extensive list of interests that you can select from to form a shared interest with someone else. When someone shares the same interests as you - we notify you. If you are from the same suburb/area and also share the same interests, then you're off to a flying start!

How We Keep You Safe

There are a few simple ways that you can implement to keep you safe - these are:

  • We request that everyone who joins 5050 check the checkbox for the 5050 Protocol,  this is about remaining independent, being obliged to no one by paying for yourself. We hope to change attitudes and behaviours around meeting people by observing a few simple principles.
We begin where the internet ends because we have developed a way in which a Friend can send a group invite - social media does not allow for this, because it is purely an online facility. If there aren't enough people in your suburb/area to send out a group invite, then use social media to tell them how they can join 5050 as a Friend for free.
If you're photo approved, then you can now login. Here's how to send a group invite.

1.       Login as a Friend and go to Settings and ensure Set & Forget is turned ON. Go North on your device (to the top of your screen) to find the grey 'n white icons and follow the simple steps.

2.       Meet up with Friends at the place you select or if you're the Contact for your business or organisation, you can send unlimited group invites out to the people in your area to meet up at your premesis for your promotion or giveaway.