Bestie Support

Bestie Support

Be Bestie Support and scan-in to support local business, cafes, clubs or organisations.

Bestie Support qr

Bestie Support is about supporting local and meeting new people.  Anyone can choose which business in their community they would like to support by scanning their qr.

This is not that organisation's qr, but a unique qr that identifies that organisation within the 5050 system.

When the Bestie Support qr is scanned, the person scanning may also be invited to attend that business or organisation's social events (don't worry, you can accept or decline an invitation).

Being invited to an event doesn't happen by chance, people who join 5050 as Friends, Besties or as Bestie Support auto-populate a web page where they can be selected by others from their community (Friends, Besties or Bestie Supporters), then notified by email that they are invited to a social event. 

When someone is Bestie Support, they're giving the tick of approval to that business, cafe, club or organisation by allowing half of their subscription to 5050 to go back to that establishment (usually put towards a purchase). This is automated in Stripe (secure payment gateway).

Bestie Supporters can either redeem half the value of their subscription by showing their Thank you for joining 5050 email at their chosen premesis or 'do nothing' and simply donate it.

For the duration of a users subscription that establishment will also receive month on month financial rewards - not bad for doing absolutely nothing. Let's face it - even a ham sandwich costs ingredients and the labour to make it!

You can be Bestie Support by either upgrading from Friend to Bestie Support on the 5050 platform or by scanning the Bestie Support qr that every listed organisation should have on display at their premesis.

If an establishment isn't displaying their qr tell them that they should as it enables them to receive half the value of a subscription and extra month on month rewards from everyone who becomes a Bestie Supporter in their area.

Businesses, cafes, clubs or other organisations can list their premesis here:

Bestie Supporters - of business, cafes, clubs and other organisations can join here: