5050cafefriends : Networking, marketing, fundraising

Networking, marketing, fundraising

The world is changing. The funds that governments used to make available for charitable organisations are diminishing and so organisations will have to look for ways to make up the shortfall. With the economic downturn, businesses are also looking for ways to sustain profitability. 5050 not only offers a way of networking, marketing and fund-raising for your biz/org that is totally free for you to utilise but also reduces isolation and loneliness in the process by giving all your local community the ability to Join as a Friend which will enable them to be invited to social events at your place.

Increasing customers or clients within the area you live by providing the opportunity to network is a great way to grow your biz/org. It’s easier than you think to get started:

1/ Register your biz/org
2/ Display, upload or giveaway your unique Bestie Support qr (this allows people to scan-in and Join as a Friend when they upgrade they can also support your biz/org).
     a/ Highlight and select who you’d like to invite to your social event by finding the group invite     
         (Person + icon), top right and follow the simple instructions.
3/ Send out a group invite

People are naturally curious and want to know what you do. They’ll want to network with other people from your area and sample your product or services. You can easily send out a group invite making your Deal of the Day/Promo/Giveaway known to them on the invite you send. This way they can attend your social event to sample your offer.

When people scan the Bestie Support qr they are taken directly to the platform where they can Join as a Friend (free - 5 mins). They will then be able to be selected in their area, workplace, or residential facility and sent an invite to a social event.

We regard marketing as more than just placing an ad on Social Media. 5050 is not an advertising platform, but when you create a free listing for your biz/org on 5050CafeFriends you are creating a way for your biz/org to be seen on the internet as well as enabling people from your area (who have joined as Friends) to be able to select your place as a place to meet-up at - especially if you’re a cafe or similar.

By listing with us, you are also bringing awareness around ‘making equality a reality’ as you are seen to be in support of equality which sits at the core of what we do.  You can also become a 5050 partner which means your logo will be seen on our homepage and contain a link back to your biz/org.

Combine networking (above) with marketing (below), by letting your customers and clients Join as a Friend for free. Then display, upload, or giveaway your unique Bestie Support qr so people can scan-in.

  • Become a partner of 5050 (and be seen to support equality).
  • Add a photo of your biz/org to your listing
  • Add a description to your listing
  • Add your Deal of the Day to your listing
  • Add your URL
  • Add WOO (What’s on offer icons) to your listing


Now that govt funding for charitable organisations is being trimmed back, offering a way in which your biz/org can raise extra funds seems more important than ever!

It’s in our name (fifty-fifty) - we divide our profits with you, when your clients and customers support your biz/org financially by becoming Bestie Supporters for $15.99 per month, 50% of that subscription is automatically returned to your biz/org.

This amount can be used as Spend at your biz/org or kept as a separate fund - either way your biz/org benefits. A tip jar, a Christmas fund, it’s all doh-ray-me that you have not had to earn yourself. It only takes a few months before your biz/org has raised a significant amount for itself!

Getting Started

1/ List your establishment. https://5050cafefriends.com/cafe/list-your-cafe#/
When you list your biz/org ensure you have added correct name, address and photo. This will enable your Bestie Support qr to appear which contains your biz/org’s unique identifier.

2/ Add your biz/org’s bank account details for Stripe (under gear icon top-right). When you do, your Bestie Support qr will appear. Your B.S. qr contains a unique identifier that when people who have Joined as a Friend complete Step 3, 50% of their sub. will automatically go to your Stripe bank account.

3/ Print out, upload, giveaway or display your Bestie Support qr. People can then scan-in and become Friends first (free) and then they may like to become Bestie Supporters after sampling your promo or giveaway.