Payment | What's Free at 5050


Once you’ve successfully joined 5050 as a Cafe Friend, we say:‘Thank you’ by rewarding you with a Seven Days Free trial. During the trial you can access all features including being able to send invites out for 5050 Coffee. 

Once your seven days free trial ends (you'll be notified 2 days prior to your trial finishing), if you'd like to keep meeting new people a payment of $12.99 NZ converted to the currency of your country will begin per month. But if you’d prefer to wait until someone has contacted you or you're just not ready to make contact with anyone yet, you can always:

a/ Switch the autorenew in Payment to the off position - this way you can pay when you want. Keeping your profile up on 5050 is free and don't worry, people will still be able to contact you and you will still be able to update your profile. When you want to communicate with someone or start meeting people for 5050 Coffee by sending out invites, you can simply switch the autorenew back on and your monthly payments will resume. It's a great option if you don't want to be tied into continual monthly payments or a membership that you're not utilising.

b/ Deactivate your account - if you choose to deactivate your account, your profile will be hidden from view but you will still be able to reactivate your account whenever you want by going to Payment and choosing 'Reactivate.'

c/ Cancel your account - you can cancel your account at any time and all your info will be deleted from 5050, but if you choose this action you will not be able to choose either option a/ or b/ above and you will have to register all over again if you want to join as a Cafe Friend.