Safety Guide


Online Protocol

  • Be polite at all times
  • If you suspect that someone is not who they say they are, request they become 5050 Verified. Then you can compare someone's profile photo with their vlog to see if they are the same person. (But they will have to upgrade to Bestie in order to do this).   
  • There is safety in numbers. If you send a group invite you will be meeting with other people.  
  • Never 'send money' to anyone you've met online. Please let us know via Contact Us if anyone has ever requested you send money. 
  • Never reveal financial information. Do not give out financial information whatsoever like credit card or bank account details. 
  • Messaging. Messaging on 5050 is completely anonymous (i.e no one can ever retrieve your personal info like address, email, phone number, etc). The only way someone can know your details is if you give them out!  Never give out contact details / personal info on 5050.
  • Remember, it's message for message. If someone is not responding to your message, it's because they don't wish to!
  • Be suspicious of anyone who keeps making excuses not to meet you. Scammers will never meet you in person as they are usually located overseas and are usually only interested in a long distance relationship and your money! So be careful when communicating with someone from another country.
  • Don't give message contact details on the 5050 website to enable messaging off the 5050 website. This makes you vulnerable to scammers, it is also a violation of our t's & c's that you will have agreed to in order to register. 
  • Don't get a false sense of security that you are protected by this website. You are not!  5050 does not carry out criminal checks on its members. It is up to you to do your own research and make decisions before/after you decide to meet/have met someone or people. Remember to trust your instincts.

Staying Safe on 5050

There are things you can do on the 5050 website if you’re not happy about the level of contact you have with someone:

1.  5050 is designed so that you can meet people in a group setting by sending a group invite. There is safety in numbers.

2.  5050 is also designed so that you can send an invite to meet up in a public place like a cafe, club or other organisation. Meeting in a public place is a good way to stay safe.

3.  You can hit the Pause icon which appears on every profile photo. The Pause icon will 'give Pause' or prevent someone from contacting you for a period of time (about two weeks).

4.  You can report a member by clicking on the Report Member button.

3.  You can become 5050 Verified (the 5050 V badge will show on your profile photo when you have a vlog uploaded). You can request that someone else becomes 5050 Verified (5050 V) or contact only members who are.

5050 Meeting Protocol

Never give out any of your personal details when meeting people for the first time. Do NOT give out any phone numbers, work, email or home address. The only way someone can know your personal details is if you give them out. NEVER feel pressured or obliged to give out any personal details in any way whatsoever. Remember, after a first meeting, it is much safer to arrange a 2nd meeting via 5050. This way you need not give any contact details out.

  1. Avoid alcohol when you meet people for the first time. Alcohol impairs judgement. 
  2. Arrange to meet in a public place. A popular cafe is the best place to meet and preferably during the day.
  3. Always insist on paying for your own beverage. 5050 remember?
  4. Tell someone that you are meeting someone/people. If you're meeting someone for the first time, or even any time after the first time, it's wise to let a trusted person know your whereabouts and when to expect you home.
  5. Take your phone. Keep your phone somewhere where you can easily access it, if need be.
  6. Trust your instincts. Make an exit if you feel uncomfortable.
  7. Remember, the way to stay 'Friends' is to reserve your judgement. No one likes to be judged. 


5050’s ethos is to provide a safe and secure online environment as possible in which people can correspond and then (if desired) arrange to meet-up.

Agreeing with 5050’s ethos is a condition of use. Breach of our terms and conditions could result in the removal of your membership and in extreme cases could lead to prosecution.

  1. I will treat others with dignity and respect.
  2. I will represent myself honestly in all dealings with 5050 administrators.
  3. I will not use defamatory, abusive, obscene or profane language on 5050.
  4. I will only upload photos to the 5050 website that are of me, are undoctored and are not offensive or obscene. 
  5. I will act to protect my own privacy in my communications and will not include any contact details in my publicly available profile.
  6. I will promptly report any breach of the 5050 ethos or terms and conditions to 5050 administrators.
  7. I will not spam people.