5050cafefriends : Make Equality A Reality

Make Equality A Reality

The world has Greta Thunberg from Sweden on climate change and we have Layba Zubir from New Zealand on sexual violence against women. Who is she? Someone who instigated a law change  by recognising that the accused should provide evidence in court of consent instead of just stating that the other party consented to sex.  

At 5050, we're trying to follow Layba's lead by 'shining a light' on safety by requesting that all users check the check-box for the 5050 Protocol.

It's no surprise to us, that a small nation like NZ can lead the world on social policy, afterall we were the first nation in the world to give women the vote, recognise equal pay for equal work (pay parity) and make strangulation an offence as it is often a precursor to a fatality.

Having laws in place to protect those of us who identify as female - goes a long way to help those of us who have endured sexual violence in relationships. By simply checking a checkbox at the beginning of registering as a Friend on the 5050 platform and with the support of those of us who identify as male, we hope to bring an awareness of gender equity leading to equality.

How We're Making Equality A Reality

When meeting people off the internet (even at a local venue) we prefer to 'er' on the side of caution, so we're trying to provide a code of conduct to show there is a way of 'making equality a reality' by being respectful.

    1. 5050 Protocol

The 5050 Protocol is about keeping people safe by asking everyone to pay for themselves by going 50/50. Keeping everyone safe by remaining independent of 'one and other' means that everyone is of a similar understanding and no one need feel obligated in any way to any one else. We're hoping that bringing an awareness of equality (by implementing the 5050 Protocol) may change attitudes and behaviours on and off the internet. 

      2.  We like groups

We think that meeting new people in a group setting is a less stressful and a less dangerous way of meeting people. It means you are meeting many people at once which means you are less exposed to unfriendly attitudes, prejudices or bad vibes as most people are conscious of being judged by the group.

       3. We like public places

Public places are safe places because other people are able to witness any anti-social behaviour and help is within reach if required! 

      4. And last but not least - 5050 Verification

We have our own way of verifying that people are who say they are (no old photos, or age defying touch-ups here thanks!) A good way of knowing that people are who they claim to be, is by requesting they upload a vlog. You'll be able to tell when you view a vlog whether someone is who they say they are. When you upload a vlog, you become instantly 5050 Verified.