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Why Introduce Yourself?

Introducing yourself is a great way to break the ice. There’s no third party (like a friend) to introduce you when you’re online, it’s just 'you' and 'them,' so make sure you get off to a great start. Firstly, offer your name (first name only), your area or region and what you do for work. Then make sure to take an interest in them by reading their profile or watching their vlog and mentioning a few of their hobbies or interests. People with the same interests have something in common and quickly develop a rapport.

Question:  But isn't introducing yourself a little old-fashioned? 

Answer:  No. If you don't introduce yourself you'll remain a stranger. 

Your Intro might go something like this: 'Hi, I'm Ange from Auckland invite me for coffee.'  

Intro Icon 

You can introduce yourself by tapping the Intro icon located in the panel below every profile photo.

Why 5050 Coffee?

It's what the 5050 (fifty-fifty) in 5050 Coffee is all about. We're making gender equality a reality by getting relationships off to an equitable start. By paying for your own cup of coffee, (or going 50/50) you are meeting someone on an equal 'no strings attached' basis and are therefore under no further obligation to that person whatsoever and can leave when you want. Everyone who registers at 5050 must agree to the underlying principle of 5050 and gender equality in order to join.

Question: But I don’t get it. If someone invites you for coffee shouldn’t they have to pay?

Answer: No. You've both agreed to the 5050 principle in order to join.  When someone sends you a coffee invite, all they’re really saying is: I’d just like to meet you in a no strings attached way.

By paying for your own coffee, you’re meeting someone on your own terms and you’re meeting them because you want to. It also places you under no obligation whatsoever to anyone that you meet.

The message with your 5050 Coffee invite might go something like this: 'Hi, there's a great cafe just around the corner from where we work. Would you like to meet there?'

Coffee Cup Icon

You can send an invite for 5050 Coffee by tapping the Coffee Cup icon located below every profile photo.

Why Vlog?

Vlogs don't lie. A photo can be of anyone. If you want to be sure of who you are meeting, then view their vlog. If they don't have one - request they upload one. We recommend that you always view someone's vlog before you meet them.

  • Hint - If you feel that your vlog is unflattering, then use a selfie stick to video your vlog. You’ll feel more comfortable, confident and in control of how your vlog appears. 

Question: What's vlog?
Answer: Its someone's video-log-intro. Similar to a selfie but a video and much more difficult to fake.

You might say something like this in your vlog: 'Hi, I'm Suzie from Sandringham invite me for coffee.’

Vlog Icon

You can view vlogs by tapping the Vlog icon located below every profile photo.

Why 5050 Verified?

At 5050 we care about who you meet and how you meet them. That's why we recommend that everyone upload a vlog and that way the will automatically be 5050 Verified. Having a vlog to view gives a stronger indication that someone is more likely to be who they claim to be. All vlogs are ranked for non-human images, nudity and children before being viewable. 

Question: So how can I become 5050 Verified?
Answer: The 5050 Verified badge will appear on your profile photo when you have a vlog uploaded.

The 5050 Verified Badge appears on someone's profile photo when they have a vlog present.