Business, Cafe, Organisation Benefits

Biz/Org Benefits

Did you know that you can grow your biz or org for nicks with 5050? By utilising your community?

It’s much easier to do this than you think…

At 5050 we believe in ‘proximity’ this means that we believe you should be able to find customers, clients, and friends right from within your community in your suburb/area for free. The internet broke down distance and made it possible to do business globally…and you still can. But what it doesn’t do (not even Facebook) is grow true friends (you know, the people who will look after your cat while you’re away) and customers right where you live. And it doesn’t tell you ‘how’ you can do this yourself, but we do…in fact it’s pretty much what we focus on.


It doesn't matter how small you are, or if you're just starting out. A little prep. always helps...

Got an email list?

Whether you’re a micro business, a small business or organisation, a business that offers a service or product, a cafe or club. It’s pretty simple to grow customers from your suburb/area on 5050 for free. You can get started with just a few email addresses (use your family's emails to begin with) and by send out an email to all. In your email, describe your biz/org and what you are promoting or giving away. To support your biz people will turn up to receive your promo or giveaway, and even become Bestie Support subscribers!

Suggestion: If you are worried about how few customers you have to begin with, to get the ball rolling, you may like to ‘collab’ with another business or organisation. Eg. a cafe may like to collab with a bakery, or a gym with a sports club, or a home-based marketing biz with a real-estate firm. There are many combinations that can work - just take your first step, and get out there and ask!

Here's a colab. template that may help

Hey [First Name],
I've been following your content for a while and I absolutely love what you're doing in your business! I especially loved what you said about [X]. I am reaching out because I have an idea for a collaboration that I wanted to run by you.

You serve X audience] and I serve [X audience and was thinking we could do X thing to serve both of our audiences.

I would do [INSERT SERVICE: blog post, Facebook live, Insta stories, provide product for a giveaway, email blast, share niche specific knowledge], and together we could provide X value] for all of our followers! I am thinking of running this on [X date] if that works with your schedule too.
Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear back from you.

To get your first few customers is really important … and it used to be difficult. Start by by sending out emails to your existing customers in your suburb/area.

Suggestion: Explain what you do (just a couple of lines), give your address and offer a promotion or giveaway that promotes your biz/org.
People need to know that when they turn up to your biz/org premises that they can receive this. Or simply offer a discount if they turn up to your event.

Many people like to support their local biz/orgs who also love a deal and will turn up.

The date of your first event can be entered when you list your organisation in ‘Description,’ and also in ‘Deal of the Day.’
When people turn up to your event have your Bestie Support qr on display. Make known  all the benefits to them if they scan in and join 5050 as Bestie Supporters and the benefits to your organisation.

You will be able to keep track of who is supporting your organisation by being a Bestie Supporter, by logging in to your organisation’s account and viewing the list of users that are Bestie Supporters and Redeemers in the menu log. i.e. Loyal faithfuls who support your business and what you do.

Benefits for Customers - (People who join 5050 as a Friend, Bestie or as Bestie Support)

  • Supporting a local business or organisation (half of a Bestie Support subscription of $12.99 NZD/AUD returns to the org. of your choice).
  • The ability to redeem half the amount of a B.S. subscription at the organisation where you have scanned in.
  • Receive invites to giveaways and promotions in your suburb/area.
  • Meeting the people behind a business or organisation when you attend an event at their premises.
  • Meet other people from your area who also support local.
  • The ability to be able to send out invites to people in your suburb/area yourself if you so wish.
  • The ability to be able to see who is from your suburb/area who has joined 5050.
  • Being able to redeem/donate half the amount of a Bestie Support subscription and thereafter for the duration of a subscription, donate a further $2 month on month to that organisation without the organisation having to do anything for that amount.
  • All the benefits of a Bestie subscription when a user has upgraded to Bestie Support.

Benefits for Biz & Orgs

  • Listing your business or organisation, Joining as a Friend, growing your customers, sending out invites to groups in your suburb/area and receiving remuneration is all free on 5050.
  • Get to know the people (in-person) in your suburb/area who support what you do.
  • Group invite people in your suburb/area to promotions and giveaways at your org.
  • Receive remuneration (half the value of a Bestie Support subscription) and month on month rewards, when people become Bestie Supporters.
  • Promote any special deals by updating your ‘Deal of the Day’ by logging into your account.
  • Add the url of your organisation/business when you log into your account to send ‘traffic’ your way.
  • Log in to your account and see how many people from your suburb/area are supporting your org. or have redeemed their reward.
  • Become a partner of 5050 this lets people know that your organisation supports equality.
  • Get well-known in your suburb/area for what your business or org. does.

Benefits (advantages) for people who join as Friends, Besties and Bestie Supporters

Advantages of Joining as a Friend

  • There are many benefits to Joining as a Friend on 5050. Not only is it FREE forever but it’s an excellent way to see who is in your area, and be invited to social events (promotions and giveaways) in your suburb/area.

          Go to Plans here: to view what's on offer for Friends.

Besties have three main advantages over Friends
      a/ They are able to show the 5050 V badge (which is very important as it lets people
           know who you are and that you are genuine) when they upload a vlog.
      b/ They can send unlimited group invites.
      c/ They are able to upload and view vlogs
     Go to Plans here: to view what's on offer for Besties.

Bestie Support has two main advantages over Besties       
There are 2 main advantages over Besties that Bestie Supporters have.
      a/ They are able to Redeem half the value of a subscription at the place where they
           scanned in or manually added code to their subscription
      b/ Or they are able to support an organisation or business by ‘doing nothing’ and half
           their Bestie Support subscription will go to that business or organisation and after
           the first month, month on month rewards will go to that organisation for the
           duration of a users subscription.
           Go to Plans here:  

How To Get Started:

1/ List your biz/org here:
2/ Join as a Friend here:

Send out invitations to people in your area/suburb to attend events (promotions and giveaways) at your premises.

Be amazed at the rapport you will strike up with people from the same suburb/area!