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Why joining 5050 Cafe Friends is the best way

to turn online friends into real life friends

  • Meet your online friends in real life by selecting any café in over 5 different countries, then send them an invite to meet for 5050 Coffee
  • Meet people on an equal, fair and safe basis by agreeing to the 5050 Protocol
  • If you identify as female, feel safe by choosing the ‘Bring a friend’ option
  • Meet one person or multiple people by sending an invite (with the same meet-up details) to more than one person
  • Add Interests and find like-minded people who also share your Interests
  • Vlog to Join and view vlogs to get to know what someone is like before meeting them

  • Upload a vlog and instantly become 5050 Verified
  • Be polite and Pause a person when you are not interested
  • Meeting people for 5050 Coffee is affordable and equitable
  • Select a 5050 Cafe Near You that has agreed to covid cafe requirements for their country
  • Select your local cafe and ‘support local.’
  • Be social without using social media
  • Toggle autorenew to suit your requirements, deactivate or cancel at any time
  • Be in control of your information



Don't be a stranger. Use 5050 Intros to introduce yourself. Let people know your first name, where you're from, what you do and what you're into. Then take an interest in them by mentioning a few of their Interests.

Why Introduce Yourself?


Joining by uploading a vlog means instant 5050 Verification. The 5050 V badge will display on your profile photo when you have a vlog present. Being 5050 V means that you are more likely to be who you say you are as vlogs are much harder to fake!

Why Vlog?


It's about going 50/50 or 'Dutch.' Everyone must agree to the 5050 Protocol when they join which means paying for yourself. It creates a fairer, safer environment in which to meet new people.

Why 5050 Coffee?

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You must be over 18 years to join 5050cafefriends.com