Clever Cookies WOO (What's On Offer)

Clever Cookies

Clever Cookies Return Customers To Your Cafe

But how?

A4 display size for your cafe window or countertop (save paper with this option). It’s simple. Giving away Clever Cookies to your customers by printing them out and giving them away or having one on display in your cafe’s window or on your countertop lets people know that they can enjoy the Seven Days Free trial available at 5050. During the trial period they are able to find people in their location or find people with common interests to send a coffee invite out to meet-up at your cafe.

But how is this possible?

Your cafe can already be selected as a place to meet-up at, but if you’d like a stand-out listing in your local area then we suggest you ‘Join as a Cafe’ and list your cafe for free. That way your customers will be able to easily see your cafe’s listing and we encourage all people who join as Cafe Friends to support local.

How Do I Start?

There are a few different sizes and options for printing out and giving away or displaying Clever Cookies:

Single Business Card sized Clever Cookie

Clever Cookie displayed in the Cafe Window
Clever Cookie displayed in the Cafe countertop
A4 display size for your cafe window or countertop (save paper with this option).
Printable A4 sheet of 8 Clever Cookies
A4 Sheet of 8 (cut up and give away)
Single Business Card sized Clever Cookie
Single Clever Cookie (prints business card size).
Clever Cookie

WOO (What's On Offer)

You can show what's on offer at your cafe by adding WOO icons to your listing at any time.

Cafe offers Free WIFIFree Wifi
Cafe offers gluten free optionsGluten Free Options
Cafe does not use plastic strawsNo Plastic Straws
Cafe has an outdoor pet friendly areaOutdoor Pet Friendly Area
Cafe sells reusable cupsSells Reusable Cups
Cafe does not use plastic cupsNo Plastic Cups
Cafe offers deliveryOffers Delivery
Cafe offers plant based menu optionsPlant Based Options
Cafe offers cafe grinds for gardenUsed Grinds for Gardens
Cafe offers organic coffeeOrganic Coffee
Cafe offers water bottle refillsRefill Water Bottle
Cafe offers takeout onlyTakeout Only
Cafe offers hand sanitizerHand Sanitizer
Cafe staff uses face masksStaff Wear Face Masks
Cafe offers Keto optionsKeto
Follows Covid Requirements (FCR)Follows Covid Requirements (FCR)
Cafe offers Clever Cookie(s) on display/giveawayClever Cookie(s) on display/giveaway

Update your Deal of the Day, add WOO (What's On Offer) icons and display or giveaway Clever Cookies.

Let our customers be your customers.