Cafe Listings at 5050

Cafes at 5050

Welcome to the cafe side of 5050 Cafe Friends where you can list your cafe for free and be a place for people to meet.

Hello Cafe Owners and Operators, we’re combining cafes with people to make meeting for coffee - easy, safe and fun!

So how are we doing that? We’ve created something called a Clever Cookie that can be displayed or given away to your customers. Clever Cookies offer a 7 Days Free trial period to anyone who joins and the ability to invite someone to their local cafe for 5050 (fifty-fifty) Coffee. 

So what’s 5050 Coffee? It’s what the ‘5050’ part of the 5050 Cafe Friends logo stands for. It’s about gender equality and going 50/50 in a no-strings attached, ‘you pay for yours and I’ll pay for mine’ coffee. 

So how can your cafe ‘Join as a Cafe’ and be a place for people to meet?

1/  ‘Join as a Cafe’ by listing your cafe.

2/  Enter details of your cafe including your ‘Deal of the Day.’

3/  Then, add WOO (What's On Offer) icons (these appear on your cafe listing when cafe friends choose a cafe), display a Clever Cookie on your countertop or in the window of your cafe or give your business card sized Clever Cookies away! Clever Cookies return customers to your cafe.

There's no catch and it's absolutely free, so let our customers be your customers and make your cafe a place for people to meet.