Benefits (Cafes)

Cafe Benefits

Hey Cafes! Start your free listing and make your cafe a place where Friends can meet up!

* Where the word 'cafe' appears refers to any cafe, club or other organisation where people from your area or who share your interests can meet-up as Friends.

** Where the word 'coffee' appears refers to any coffee or non-alcoholic beverage that is sold or served.

Let your customers support your Cafe (NZ only)

Your customers can support your cafe by scanning the 'Scan Me!' A4 available when you Join as a Cafe and list your cafe on 5050 for free. When customers scan the A4 and join 5050 for only $12.99 NZD per month, they are able to redeem their free coffee (or beverage) to the value of $5.50 NZD when they show your staff their 'Thank you for joining 5050' email. Yes, a beverage to the value of $5.50 NZD is on us! 

Other Countries

We hope to offer Australian cafe owners the same benefit as NZ cafes soon, but meanwhile, all countries can list their cafes with 5050 for free which will create a standout listing so Friends will be able to easily see your listing and select it. 

3 Big Benefits of Listing your Cafe with 5050 (free)

  1. When you list your cafe (free) and display the 'Scan Me!' QR poster (downloadable, printable and uploadable) your customers can scan the cup and redeem one free coffee (or beverage to the value of $5.50 NZD) on us. That's right, when people join 5050 as a Friend for $12.99 per month, they are supporting your cafe by redeeming their free offer as we pay your cafe out of their subcription.

  2. We also continue to support your cafe with a payment of $1 per month, per active customer account without you having to do a thing!

  3.  People who have joined 5050 as a Friend are able to send out a invite to meet up at your place for coffee or any beverage of their choosing. 

10 Other Benefits for Cafes, Clubs & Other Organisations

1. Deal of the Dayset the day, date & duration of your cafe’s special deals

2. Add WOO What's On Offer icons (cafe icons) - such as Outdoor Dining or Pet Friendly Area

3. Add a Description of your cafe

4. Add a food photo or cafe photo

5. Create a (free) listing and let your customers redeem a coffee (or free beverage up to $5.50 NZD)

6. Update your listing and go to the top of search results for your area

7. Group Invites welcome multiple customers when Friends send out a Group invite and select your cafe

8. Be recognised as having a social conscience and become a partner of 5050 to help Make Equality A Reality - it’s what 5050 is all about! 

9. Add your cafe’s website URL to send traffic both-ways

10. When you create a free listing for your cafe, it will be found by Friends in five countries including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States