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Set & Forget

Select Friends From Your Area - And Invite Them For Coffee! 

With Set & Forget you will no longer have to concern yourself about how to meet new people, because people who have joined 5050 from your suburb/area will appear at Step 1 of your group invite (person + icon in grey'n white, north on your device).

How It Works - (How to Set & Forget)

People who have joined 5050 as a Friend who have entered the area/suburb where they're from, their work area or Club/Cafe area will appear in your group invite at Step 1.  

All you need to do is Join as a Friend (free) select who you’d like to meet from the profiles highlighted in blue, select a cafe (either from the 5050 listings or Google map), compose a message then send out your invite, then go and meet them. You will find that you share things in common with people who are from your area like places, cafes amd community. Here are some suggestions to get more people joining 5050 from your area: Tell friends, post on Facebook or other social. Remember You can take as long as you like to acquire friends from your area to invite for coffee because it's free! All you need to do is just check-in from time to time. 

You’ll be notified (by email or on the website) when a minimum of 4 Friends have populated the ‘Coffee Invite’ part of the group (multi) invite form found in the person + icon but you can send a coffee invite to any individual at any time just by tapping the coffee cup icon located under every profile photo.

To Set & Forget

a/  Login as a Friend/Bestie/Bestie Support 

b/  Enable Set & Forget:

    Go to: Settings > Notifications > Set & Forget

    Check Set & Forget is turned ON

c/  Find the person + symbol - top-right in grey 'n white and follow the simple steps to send a multi (group) coffee invite out to Friends highlighted in blue.

* Friends have 24 hrs in which to accept or decline your invitation.

Meeting new people in a group is the safest, least stressful and most economical (when everyone goes 50/50) way of being social! Pretty soon you’ll have met a new group of people from your area and have an abundance of new friends to do stuff with.

Cheers to that!

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