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Scan Me

* Where the word 'cafe' appears, it refers to any cafe, club or other organisation that sells or serves coffee or non-alcoholic beverages. 

Why Display 'Scan Me!'?

When you display the 'Scan Me!' A4 flyer on your cafe counter or in your cafe's window people can utilise the standard free offer available at 5050 which benefits both your customers and your cafe.

  *   'Scan Me!' is currently available only in New Zealand (but soon Australia too). 

How Do I Get My 'Scan Me!'?

It's easy. (5 mins) 

      1.  Go to: List My Cafe and start the process of listing your cafe. 

      2.   Add 1/ Cafe name  2/ Cafe Address  3/ Cafe or food photo (Once your cafe's photo is approved, your 'Scan Me!' A4 unique download will appear).

      3.  Add your cafe's bank account details for Stripe by tapping the gear icon (top-right). 

      4.  Print out your cafe's 'Scan Me!' A4 and place it where people will see it. Like your cafe counter or in your cafe's window.    

                *    Your 'Scan Me!' A4 contains a unique identifier that links to your cafe.

How Does My Cafe Benefit From Displaying 'Scan Me!'?

Your cafe benefits when people scan the red cup in the 'Scan Me! A4 and join 5050 as a Friend. This standard offer by 5050, benefits your cafe by paying your cafe up to $5.50 per beverage but also benefits your customers by making their beverage free when they join 5050 for $12.99 NZD. Your customers are able to redeem this offer by showing their 'Thank you for joining 5050' email inside the 14 days that it remains valid.

  • 5050 will also pay $1 per month, per customer thereafter for every month that 'a Friend's' subscription remains active on 5050. 
  • This standard offer also (as your cafe will already be listed) provides a stand-out listing (free) which is seen by Friends (customers who have joined 5050) and they are then able to select your cafe to send coffee invites out to their Friends and meet up with them at your cafe.

Is It Free To List My Organisation And Receive Payouts?

   Yes, it is completely free forever to receive funds from the 'Scan Me!' offer and receive $1 per month thereafter. But currently this offer is only available in New Zealand (but soon Australia).

How Do People From My Area Benefit?

    People want to know people from their area or who share their interests. See 

    All people who Join as a Friend can receive the standard 'Scan Me!' offer. If your cafe is not displaying this offer, your   customers may request it (as it is free for you to offer). Friends are notified when other Friends have joined 5050 from their area or when they share the same interests. 

    Once on the website all Friends can auto-renew ON/OFF, Deactivate or Cancel at any time.

When you update your listing, your cafe will go into the top 10 search results for your area!


 Example 'Scan Me!' only: