* Where the word 'cafe' appears, it refers to any cafe, club or other organisation that sells or serves coffee or non-alcoholic beverages. 

Why Display A Promo-code?

When you display your unique promo-code and people scan-in and join 5050 as a Friend, you'll raise funds for your organisation.

  *   Currently raising funds for your organisation by displaying a promocode is available only in New Zealand.

How Do I Get A Promo-code?

It's easy. (5 mins) 

      1.  Go to: List My Cafe and start the process of listing your organisation.

      2.   Add your organisation's name, address and photo. (Once your photo is approved, your organisation's unique promo-code will appear).

      3.  Add your organisation's bank account details for Stripe by tapping the gear icon (top-right). 

      4.  Print out your organisation's unique promo-code and display it everywhere.

      *    Your organisation's promo-code contains a unique identifier that links to your organisation.

(Currently available only in New Zealand). 

How Does My Organisation Benefit From Displaying A Promo-code?

Your organisation benefits when people from your area scan-in and join 5050 as a Friend. After their free trial ends, your organisation will receive 2.50 per successful registration and 1.0 every month thereafter when a 'Friend' retains their subscription. All Payouts received by an organisation are costs deducted from a successful registration (i.e. Friend's subscription). 

   * Currently payouts are available only in New Zealand.  

Is It Free To List My Organisation And Receive Payouts?

   Yes, it is completely free forever. You can list your organisation, but Payouts are currently available only in New Zealand.

How Do People From My Area Benefit?

    People want to know people from their area or who share their interests. See  All people who Join as a Friend receive a free week's trial    

    and can auto-renew ON/OFF, Deactivate or Cancel at any time.


When you update your listing, your organisation will go into the top 10 search results for your area!