Why joining 5050CafeFriends is the best way to meet new people

  • It’s 5050 not 60/40. Meet people safely by agreeing to the 5050 protocol.

  • It's affordable and equitable

  • If you identify as female, feel safe by choosing ‘Bring a Friend’.

  • Meet one person or multiple people by sending the same invite to more than one person.

  • Introduce yourself to the people you like using 5050 Intros.

  • Meet people that share your Interests and start off the conversation by having something in common.

  • Get an idea of what someone is like by viewing their vlog.

  • Select your local cafe and 'support local'

  • Select a 5050 cafe near you that has agreed to COVID requirements

Nowadays, it seems like there is so much choice when it comes to social networking apps and websites, but none that focus on getting things started by enabling gender equality. At 5050 Café Friends, we seek to do something different! That’s right – we’re not a dating site. We’re a social network that allows you to make friends in Sydney in a ‘no strings attached’ manner. At 5050, the emphasis is placed on gender equity which paves the way to gender equality which redefines the expectations people might have about meeting someone for coffee, especially when they are of the opposite sex. While the 5050 Café Friends concept was originated in Auckland, NZ, we believe our platform can also benefit those who want to make new friends in Sydney without fear of any implied romantic obligations. This gives people peace of mind that the interaction they are having is based on mutual respect, affordability, safety, and getting all relationships off to a great start!

How it works

  • Vlog to Join (the quick way of registering) lets everyone know you’d like to be invited for coffee. How? Simply by vlogging

  • The Interests you select will connect you with other like-minded people.

  • When two people share the same Interests or join from the same area, we let you know.

  • ‘Break the Ice’ by sending a 5050 Intro.

  • Once a rapport is established send out a 5050 Coffee invite.

5050 Cafe Friend 5050 Cafe Friend
Support Local Join 5050 & get 1 free coffee on us

Scan the ‘Scan Me!’ red cup image, available when your local cafe ‘Joins as a Cafe’ (free) on 5050 and then displays it in then their cafe and pay only when you want to. You can, by switching the auto-renew to the OFF position in Payment. Or, if you’d like to remain on the platform for FREE you can, by again, switching the auto-renew in Payment to the OFF position, and don’t worry, you’ll still be able to update your profile and receive messages if you choose this option. If you’d prefer to have access to all features then a monthly fee of $12.99 NZ (converted to AUD) to continue using the platform is automatically charged to your credit card. And remember, you can auto-renew (pause) deactivate or cancel your account at any time.

We have designed our platform to comply with GDPR requirememts where we can to allow you to be in control of your own information. We make it easy for you to delete all your information if you want to. We take your privacy very seriously.

Your privacy is important to us

We are totally independent and keep your information confidential – you only reveal what you want to when setting up your profile and we prefer you to be in control of your information – not us.

Why you should give

5050 Café Friends a try

Give us a go and make friends in Sydney!

It’s simple to join and invite someone out for coffee

We’ve designed our platform to be simple so anyone can join and easily meet people in Sydney


A friendly way of breaking the ice. Saying: ‘Hi’ lets people know that you’re open to being contacted.


Safety in numbers? There sure is. Favourite your friends and send a group invite.

The 5050 Meeting Protocol

Remain independent and make friends from your area!

While we want lots of people to use our platform to make friends in Sydney, we also would like all encounters to be as safe and as successful as possible. Our vision of a ‘no strings attached’ coffee enabling gender equality is a more affordable and safer way of meeting new people. Our platform is all about honesty and mutual respect, and we are proactive in removing the accounts of people who do not follow our guidelines.

  • Don’t consume any alcohol. Alcohol impairs your judgement, and 5050 is all about making new connections over coffee!

  • Link up at a public café in a wide-open space during the day. Maximise your safety for the first encounter.

  • Always pay for your own drink (and don’t offer to pay for theirs) – 50/50 is what we’re all about.

  • Take your phone with you and have it easily reachable.

  • Always trust your instincts and leave if you feel uncomfortable (there is never any obligation to stay).

  • Don’t take things personally. If you don’t get any interest for a 2nd encounter, be mature and leave it alone.

Invite a Friend

People who join that identify as female have the option to ‘Invite a friend’. If you select this option it alerts the sender that this has now become a condition of meeting. For females who feel they would like the support of a friend, this is a great way of making your first encounter even safer when meeting people in Sydney.

If you’re ready to make new friends in Sydney over coffee,

join today!


List Your Café For Free

Partner With Us And Support Gender Equality

If you’d like to be a place where people can meet up for coffee, you can list your café or coffee shop for free. This way you get a stand out listing in your area and Café Friends (people on our website) can choose your café as a place to meet up.

Update/Edit Your Café Listing At Any Time